Are You Affiliated? #BlogHour


Developing online content is a costly business. We know because we see the time and effort that our community invests into producing quality and engaging content for their readers. And time is money.

Affiliate marketing has been a steadily growing trend between content creators and brands over the years and in 2017 we are only going to see this approach being increasingly adopted. The simple marketing link programme can not only aide influencers in building strong relationships with brands (and vice versa), but also illustrate how influential that influencer is with their community through link engagement. Win, win?

Affiliate marketing can be a 'win, win' relationship if implementted correctly and works through rewards and commission based incentives. As with any brand partnership, there has to be synergy between the content creator and brand. For instance, food blogger would not try to sell cars. Your content requires continuity to develop credibility, integrity and loyalty with your readers.

But how do you know which programmes are for you and more importantly how do you decide? Tonight, at 9pm during #BlogHour via the Twitter account, we will discuss how you should affliate with relevant schemes and the 'do's and don'ts'. 

Q1. Affiliate marketing. Do you know what this is, have you used this method of monetisation and does it work for you? #BlogHour

Q2. Influencers are now being titled 'advertisers'. How do you maintain the balance over keeping your content ad free? #BlogHour

Q3. For you, what are the pros and cons to affiliate marketing and how can this tool be improved? #BlogHour

Q4. What works better for you, bespoke brand campaigns or affiliate based relationships? #BlogHour

Q5. If you were using affiliate marketing to monetise, do you disclose to your readers and if so, what is the best way to do this? #BlogHour

Q6. Which affiliate programmes do you love? #BlogHour