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View the shortlisted individual and organisation Blogs below, in no particular order, who will be judged by:
Claire Barlow from Arts and Business. @ClaireLBarlow and @arts_business
Richard Moss from Culture 24. @culture24

Shortlisted Organisation Blogs

1. Live it. Love it. Make it
Heather Thomas
A crafty lifestyle blog that writes about what we love to do and make.
Top 3 Blog posts:
DIY Phone cases:
Love it … Loom Knitting: Michelle Makes, Halloween toffee apples:
Blog Site:

2. Oliver Burns Blog
The Oliver Burns Blog aims to voice our thoughts and opinions on luxury interior design, trends, fashion and architecture.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Laced in design:
Luxury Loft Living:
Geometrics: A Timeless Trend:
Blog site:

3. Horror Cult Films
Stephanie Andrusjak

Movie news, reviews and interviews website.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Humanoids from the Deep film review:
Dyanne Thorne and Howard Maurer Interview:
A Look at Found Footage Horror:
Blog site:

4. Friends of the Harris
Liz Price

Our blog is specially written for and by the Friends of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery. It reviews, shares and comments, and gives our members the opportunity to see behind the scenes of exhibition installations, find out about upcoming talks exclusive to them and revisit trips, events and activities. As we grow and develop we hope more Friends will contribute, as the blog becomes an organic network where everyone can get involved, find out more and a new dimension is added to Friends membership.
Top 3 Blog posts:
In the art store with Victor Moody:
All Aboard! The half term bus blog:
Behind the Scenes of Masterstrokes:
Blog site:

5. Pop Verse
Megan Graieg  
Commentary and reviews on all pop culture subjects including books, film, tv, and music. Articles discussing creative industries and a bi-weekly webcomic.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Blog site:

6. Global Metal Apocalypse
Rhys Stevenson

Giving bands and artists worldwide international recognition.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Top 10 tips to make that sought after release a sell-out:
How Spain’s feud with Gibraltar has affected the Gibraltar and Spain music scene and daily life:
Does music alter our emotions or is it all in our head:
Blog site:

7. Russian Art and Culture
Theodora Clarke             

The best reviews, articles and news on Russian art, related exhibitions and cultural events in the UK.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Historian Antony Beevor talks to Russian Art and Culture Editor Theodora Clarke:
MoMA’s exhibition ‘Inventing Abstraction: 1910-1925:
New Russian art gallery GRAD opens in London with exhibition of Soviet posters:
Blog site:

8. Quill Magazine
Culture Magazine bred in London’s meltpot. We cover events, review food temples and write about beauty, art and fashion.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Meadham Kirchhoff: the Kings of Collaborations Rana Plaza, Never Again:
Yauatcha Restaurant Review:
Blog site:

9. Tate Blog
Louise Cohen
With the Tate blog, we’re trying to reach out to art fans, of course, but also to those who think art isn’t for them. Tate’s mission is to promote public understanding and enjoyment of British, modern and contemporary art, and our blog’s contribution to that is a stream of fun, timely, engaging and enlightening stories about art and artists. We publish stories told in a variety of voices from Tate and beyond – making use of the experts who work here and our strong relationships with artists – to bring art alive for readers in a way that’s accessible, unpretentious and open-minded.
Our stories take many forms – news, behind-the-scenes, quizzes and playlists – and with all of them, we try to raise questions about art and invite readers’ interaction.
Perhaps unusually for a gallery blog, our aim is not necessarily to get people through the door but first and foremost to interest readers in the subject of art – and we hope our passion for this is apparent in our posts.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Our curator’s first memory of Lowry:
How Bauhaus are you? Take the quiz:
Cornelia Park: why Rose Wylie is a true original:
Blog site:

10. Me Firi Ghana Blog
Ben Anim-Antwi

The Me Firi Ghana cultural blog is a by-product of the Me Firi Ghana lifestyle brand created by British born Ghanaians.
“Me Firi Ghana” which in our mother tongue means “I am from Ghana” aims to be a brand that represents Ghana in all aspects.
The blog exists to connect the UK and the wider world with Ghana through relevant news and information. It gives readers an insight into the culture of Ghana and the issues that affect the country. As well as a take on all issues by Ghanaian bloggers. We initiate and facilitate the conversations that need to be had.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Introducing Michael Blackson:
Prostitution in Ghana:
The Orisha experience:
Blog site:

11. Medieval Manuscripts Blog
Sarah J  Biggs    

Our blog promotes our love of medieval art, history and culture.  We are the British Library’s top-ranked blog, with more than 600,000 hits this year alone.  We have loyal readers throughout the world, from Antarctica to Greenland, and Afghanistan to Myanmar.
Our blog has been featured in the Financial Times, the Guardian, the Huffington Post, Scientific American, among others. We are thrilled to bring the world of medieval manuscripts to new audiences.
Top 3 Blog posts:
Knight v Snail:
Unicorn Cookbook Found at the British Library:
Lolcats of the Middle Ages:
Blog site:




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