Authentic Voice | #BlogHour


We created #BlogHour to bring the blogging community together, to help you network with brands and most importantly to allow you to put forward your questions to allow your queries, thoughts and debatable topics to be heard.

This week, it is over to you and once again, you have delivered some thought provoking questions for debate tonight at 9pm via Twitter account. If you cannot join tonight's conversation, be sure to join the conversation next week where we will be joined by .

In the meantime, you can have a nosey at tonight's questions below:

Q1. 'Blogging gives everyone and anyone a voice. Anyone can be an expert.' Should influencers who hold zero certifications (in their industry) be giving advice to the public? via #BlogHour

Q2. How have you created a social media community around your Blog? via #BlogHour

Q2b. Do you have seperate social media accounts for you and your Blog? via

Q3. Do you consider your readers learning style when creating Blog content? via #BlogHour

Q4. Should you handle your own social media or should you get an expert in to advise? via #BlogHour

Q5. I love Pinterest! How do you gain re-Pins and engagement on Pinterest? via #BlogHour

Q6. Do you prioritise written content over visual content or vice versa - how do you decide? via #BlogHour