Community Voice | #BlogHour


Yesterday, we welcomed the beginning of the Public Vote for the UK Blog Awards 2017 which attracted over 24,000 votes and 44,000 unique visits to the website to view the talent that is entered into the 2017 awards process. Each year your strong community surpasses our expectations and the traffic and votes doubled since 2016 – the search for the UK Blog Awards Blog Hero and Heroine is on!

As you know, digital content is focused around public opinion and interest, therefore the public vote is a clear expression of the 'people's voice' and a chance for your readership to support you and show their blog love.

Therefore, we thought it would be rude not to discuss the community support of the blogosphere and afterall, this goodwill ties in nicely with the spirit of Christmas. The question is, will your faves make the shortlist this Christmas?  

We hope you can join us tonight for #BlogHour which, as usual, takes place from 9-10pm via the  Twitter handle. We hope you enjoy discussing the questions below:

Q1a. Does entering awards encourage and inspire you to maintain the upkeep of your content? #BlogHour

Q1b. What one word would you describe your Blog ambitions for 2017? #BlogHour

Q2. How do you plan to make your content more interactive in 2017? Any tips? #BlogHour

Q3. When does a Blog stop being a hobby? #BlogHour

Q4. Time is a big factor when building a community. How does a digital community differ to a face to face community? #BlogHour

Q5. What is your favourite and least favourite part of being a blogger? #BlogHour

Q6. In one statement how would you empower your community? #BlogHour

We look forward to Tweeting tonight at 9pm and hope you enjoy debating the questions.

Don’t forget to vote for your favourite and content!