Cyber in the Blogosphere


You arrived at your desk this morning, switched on your laptop/ desktop and the security alert appeared that your system has not been backed up recently. The notice that has reminded you for the past two weeks because you have been too busy  and side tracked to develop your most recent post or respond to the string of emails that are pilling up in your inbox.

The that has hit the news over the past weeks has detailed how the NHS has been severly hit by the cyber attack and more interestingly how a UK blogger accidently haulted the attacked named, Marcus Hutchins and via his Twitter account. A Blog hero in our virtual eyes. The ransomware threat was the biggest world wide attack to date spanning over 150 countries.

As well as the pose of cyber attacks taking place on a daily, the development of cyber is also developing rapidly, with AI (artificial intelligence) being a key digital trend of 2017. This concept has now been around for a long time and more recently brought further mainstream with the use and introduction of (iphone) and (Amazon aka Alexa) where verbal instructions and actions deliver results. 

On a daily basis, as a blogger or business, the focus can be the task at hand but without the correct understanding, resources and tools we leave ourselves vulnerable. We live in the cyber age and it is important to take cyber security seriously. During tonight's #BlogHour, we will be discussing cyber in the blogopshere and what steps you take to protect your digital information and where virtual will take blogging. Check out the questions below and tweet you at 9pm:

Q1. What security systems do you use to protect your computer/laptop and do you back up your computer daily? #BlogHour

Q2. What steps do you think can be taken to decrease cyber attacks and is more education needed in this area? #BlogHour

Q3. When answering emails how do you define spam and potential security threats for your computer - do you have your own security policy that you follow? #BlogHour

Q4. Self hosting. Do you use a self hosted website for your blog or do you use a free site like wordpress/blogger? via

Q5. AI (Artificial Intelligence), how do you think this concept will impact or is impacting the blogosphere? #BlogHour

Q6. Are you connected with any cyber security bloggers? If so, who would you recommend as good reading!? #BlogHour