Growing Your Content in 2017 | #BlogHour


With any new year, it welcomes the prospect of growth, change and development for many. We are excited to see what 2017 will bring for our community and how influencers will develop their content further in 2017, as well as experience further changes that will happen acrosss the blogosphere in 2017.

To experience growth, it is important to reach out to others and gain knowledge from peers experiences. During this week's #BlogHour, our community have come together to gain further insight into how they can grow their content over the course of the year. 

We hope you can join the conversation at 9pm via Twitter account, in the meantime, check out the questions below before the hour begins:

Q1. When an idea for a post falls through, do post anyway or miss a day if the post is not up to scratch? via #BlogHour 

Q2. How does the blogging community impact your life, has it made you feel more confident and happy? via #BlogHour 

Q3. How do you stand out without a niche? Im a lifestyle blogger but constantly worry about not having a specific niche. via #BlogHour 

Q4a. What are the best ways for bloggers to turn their blog into a business? via #BlogHour 

Q4b. How do you get brands to approach you for collaborations and advertising? via #BlogHour 

Q5. What have you done in Blogging to seperate yourself from the crowd and stand out? via #BlogHour 

Q6. When developing content, do you focus purely on one subject or a range of topics away from the main theme? via #BlogHour