International Interaction | #BlogHour


Out of nowhere, May is here and we are already thinking about what is in store for content creators for the remainder of 2017.

Developing creative content daily and weekly is a task in itself, so where do you find your inspiration? Tonight during #BlogHour at 9pm we will discuss thinking outside of the box and venturing outside of the UK to help grow your content community further. Check out tonight's questions below:

Q1. Do you follow any blogs or vlogs that are not based in the UK? If so, how does their content differ? #BlogHour

Q2. How do you develop ideas for your content and have you been inspired by other countries in how they deliver their content? #BlogHour

Q3. Have you ever collaborated with a digital content creator based outside of the UK? If so, how did this happen for you? #BlogHour

Q4. Have you ever attended any international events or are there any that you would love to attend? #BlogHour

Q5. Do you believe that the way audiences interact differ by country, how would you define the UK audience? #BlogHour

Q6. Just for fun, if you could spend a year to develop content for your blog or channel, where would it be and why? #BlogHour

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