Knowing Your Numbers

#Bloghour - Knowing Your Numbers

It’s a hot topic worldwide, not just in the UK but ‘qualifying’ your results seem to be on every Brand, Agency and PR’s mind at the moment- proving that a digital influencer not only has the reach, but that their engagement is high is the first requirement when looking for Digital Content Creators to partner with brands now.

We here at the UK Blog Awards worry that this constant drive to improve your numbers (by any means necessary) could create a conflict of interest with just creating amazing, true and unique content that YOU care deeply about as a content creator…and that ultimately your target audience WILL love too, but what do you think? We hope you can join us tomorrow at 9pm via Twitter to discuss this weeks topic, Knowing Your Numbers. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this. In the meantime, you can check out the questions below:

1) Whether you’re a hobbyist blogger, micro blogger or full-time business blogger- how important are your analytics and stats to you?

2) What’s your opinion on how data driven the world of influencers is becoming?

3) Do you use any analytics or influencer stat platforms to really get under the skin of your numbers? If so which ones?

4) How much do your analytics and engagement levels affect what you write about?

5) What do YOU think brands should focus on when looking for influencers? Should the numbers play a bigger or smaller role?

6) What are you blogging #goals for 2017? Share them with us here and we’ll help keep you on track!