Making a Social Impact as a Blogger


Shouting from the rooftops is what the bloggersphere does best and with summer now here (apart from today's weather report), we are excited to see what the second part of the year will bring to our community!

Last week, we visited Eindhoven with Visit Holland to discuss how bloggers and brands should be working together for influencer campaign success. The talk drew out some interesting debate on how relationships differ across different cultures and countries in Europe. We believe the most exciting thing about bloggers and other online infuencers is the authenticity, leadership and continued 'voice of the people' that is maintained daily. And as summer approaches, we look forward to reading more fun and inspiring posts from our community. 

Staying ahead of the game, being top of the blogs and having your voice heard across the web can be challenging with now millions of content creators being in existence. Whether you are a hobbyist blogger or a blogger that has created their own brand to drive your blog business forward, it is always important to understand the industry and reflect on your journey to date.

Therefore, we cannot wait to discuss the below questions with you tonight via Twitter account from 9-10pm about being ahead of the trend, presenting yourself as a content creator and looking how social has impacted your day to day experiences. We hope you love tonights topic and look forward to debating with you all at 9pm:

Q1. This week, we ran a poll asking: ‘when working with brands, do you provide your data engagement?’ Is this important and how are you evidencing this? #BlogHour

Q2. Since you began your content journey, what have you seen change most in the industry? #BlogHour

Q3. Media Kits. Do you have one and if so, which are do you think are the most important and why?  #BlogHour

Q4. What apps are essential to you as a blogger and content creator? #BlogHour

Q5. Are you part of the increasing trend for consumers to spend more on experiences rather than on products? #BlogHour

Q6. Why do you think we are more interested in experiences than things and what are your summer essential items? #BlogHour