A Naturelly Brilliant #BlogHour Debate

Word up to the UK blogger community! The family are totally thrilled to be part of the 2017 UK Blog Awards….and here’s why, Joanne and Dean Dempsey husband and wife team, found it hard to find naturally low sugar snacks for their children which were fun and not full of artificial ingredients whilst out and about. 
What is Naturelly I hear you say?? is a natural jelly made from real fruit juice, it’s low in naturally occurring fruit sugar and a yummy treat for children and vegetarians. Naturelly is free from all of the 14 allergen and a great hunger buster, as well as being rich in vitamin C. At Naturelly we like to work with like-minded influencers who represent our core values of being playful, imaginative and active. 
Join us for us at #BlogHour tomorrow on Tuesday 21st March at 9pm and you’ll be able to ask us question / chat with the Naturelly Family, as well as join our debate in naturelly fashion!
Thanks for being #naturellybrilliant 
Q1: What’s the most imaginative blogger experience you’ve ever had? via #BlogHour
Q2: How do you make sure the content you create is fun & engaging? via #BlogHour
Q3: With all the constant demands on blogging. How do you still find time to be playful? via #BlogHour
Q4: When taking a break for content creation what fun activities do you do? via #BlogHour
Q5: How important are low sugar treats to you? And how do you strike a balance? via #BlogHour
Q6: If you were to write a blog post about Naturelly what would you write about? via #BlogHour