Planning for the Future | #BlogHour


As the year is drawing to end and we approach a fresh new year of 2017, many people take this as an opportunity to try new techniques, refresh and make the all time favourite new years resolution.

In 2017, we will see many digital predictions and with technology becoming a larger part of day to day life, we predict that maintaining relationships and becoming more mindful towards peers will be a popular trend. Social media can provide us with the opportunity to become removed and detached from the 'real world', therefore we would like to discuss midfulness, events and how you think about delivering your content towards the end of 2016.

We hope you can join the conversation tonight at 9pm via Twitter account:

Q1. If you could ask your favourite digital influencer a question to help you improve your Blog, who and what question would you ask? #BlogHour

Q2.  Is your Blog easy to navigate and have you ever thought about your readers experience? What would you like to change about your Blog?

Q3. How would you describe your writing style and how do you decide on the type of post to share with your readers? #BlogHour

Q4. How do you think mindfulness techniques can be applied to the world of digital content? #BlogHour

Q5. Do you review events that you have attended? If so, what benefits do you think this offers your readers? #BlogHour

Q6. What 2017 resolution/s do you plan to make for your Blog or Vlog? #BlogHour

You can vote for your favourite industry hero and heroine until Monday 19th December 2016 at 10am. !