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Absolutely Lucy is for adventure-seekers who dream of a life pushes them out of their comfort zone and fills them with excitement. The blog follows the journey of Lucy Ruthnum, a 26-year-old who quit her job and 9-year relationship to travel the world solo. Just about to head out on her third solo world trip with a one-way ticket, she has challenged herself in ways she never dreamt of. It's the life of a regular girl who decided to do something a bit crazy and throw off the shackles of society's expectations. Absolutely Lucy blogs about different ways to make travel a priority in your life - from luxury holidays and weekends away, to backpacking on a budget and building a life abroad. As long as there is an adventure involved, you'll find Lucy there. A bit different to other travel bloggers, she doesn't just focus on a place and local attractions, but every part of the travelling experience including every emotion felt along the way. Her blog gives a real insight into the mindset and the struggles of being a long-term traveller from dealing with heartache and depression, to homesickness and loneliness. So join Lucy on her next big trip around Bali and Australia an adventure that will see her delving deep into outback life, partying on endless beautiful beaches and living that big city life. Also covered on the blog - lifestyle, food, fitness and festivals.

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Just six months after starting to blog about travel, Absolutely Lucy won highly commended in the Travel section of the UK Blog Awards - a huge achievement for someone so new to the scene. Two years on, I've had the opportunity to develop this blog to a stage where I'm extremely proud of it and it would be incredible to find that you feel the same. In the last two years Absolutely Lucy has worked with a huge range of national, and even international, brands including hotels and hostels across Europe, Australia and Asia. Just last month, Absolutely Lucy was featured in the only current UK industry blogging magazine and I now receive contact from readers on a daily basis asking for advice and support when planning their trips. I'm extremely proud of this blog both as a resource for other travellers and as a way of recording my experiences and memories - and I hope that you will feel the same.