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We are a food blog for people who hate food blogs. We enter areas where others are afraid to tread. We review 'average food', the food of the working man - Pret sandwiches, Pot Noodles, burritos, biscuits. And if we want to chat analytic philosophy and existentialism, we will chat analytic philosophy and existentialism. We are intellectuals. We hate instagram cupcakes. We don't care. We blog what we want. And we have literally tens of followers to show for it.

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Joshua Seigal

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we are totally unique. My co-blogger Gary and I were well ahead of the game with our satirical food blog. We combine insightful analysis with utter nonchalance. We were around long before Vice Munchies. And we are a pair of poets and stand-up comedians, so we are pretty funny. And we need the recognition so our mums don't think they failed as parents.