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Clare with the Hair is a magazine style blog reaching over 600,000 people each month featuring all your fashion trends, what to wear, high street styles, occasion styling, Beauty news, latest product launches, hits and misses, restaurant reviews, travel guides, holidays deals, family friendly recipes, meal plan, activity guides, household saving idea, a dedicated teen section plus all your showbiz news. What began as a hobby quickly turned into a very popular blog destination. With zero money to allocate to an advertising budget, the reach and success of Clare with the Hair has been through hard work, a loyal following and the use of as many social channels as we could possibly manage. My name is Clare McCarthy and I am the founder and editor on site. With a love for all things digital I felt that there was something missing in the blog world, as in there were 1,000's of blogs to read but all had a much more narrow focus than I wished for. I started out to create a space I would like to visit and this seems to be what over 600,000 others each month were looking for too. Having made the UK Blog Award finals in both 2014 & 2015 I am very hopeful that this maybe the 3rd time lucky for my little old blog. I love my life of Blog and making the finals in 2014 confirmed to me, that Clare with the Hair could be something, we could create excitement around it and we could reach 100,000's of people each month.

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Clare with the Hair is a magazine style blog featuring fashion, beauty, food, teen matters, showbiz, travel and more. With 50+ un paid hours per week going into the running and management of the site it is clear to see this is more than just a hobby, this is my passion. I love creating content for the site and I love that over 600,000 of you each month come to see what we are rambling about. With your support we made the UK Blog Award finals in both 2014 & 2015 and we would love to make it 3 in a row and who knows this time we might actually win. Clare with the Hair evolves and develops based on our readers feed back and I think this is one of the most important keys to the success of the site, we listen and we are not afraid to learn. Everything we do is done with our readers in mind and today I am asking you, to please cast a vote for us to make the finals of this years UK Blog Awards 2016.