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Clutch & Carry-on is a Travel & Style blog following the adventures of TV presenter & E! Host Sabrina Chakici. Every week Sabrina shares photos, tips and advice on her latest travels. In the last two years she has travelled to over 18 different countries and has shared each and every location with her readers. Sabrina's Travel blog is unique as she not only talks about the locations covered, she also adds her own girly flare by adding details of her looks and beauty regimes along the way. Her writing is personal and cheeky with high quality images as a focus. She has over 5 different countries booked to visit and share in the next 4 months too!

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It would be amazing if you voted for me to win best blog in the Travel category for 2017. My blog has always been a way to share my adventures and personal style as I make it my personal mission to travel the world! I love being able create valuable and helpful travel guides as well as creating inspiring imagery and videos. My aim is to create a stylish travel hub on C&C so that every time you go on holiday you can type the location into my site's search bar and there will be a number of tips, guides and style posts to get you ready for your trip :D The more recognised my blog becomes the more I will be able to share so please vote for me! x Sabrina x