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I don’t really know where the spark came from, it was spring after a very, very long winter and I should have felt good – I didn’t! I’d been working with my horse for a few weeks and having the same old problems, but this day a spark inside me came to life. I couldn’t go on getting nowhere! I needed something else, but what? That day, my journey started. Many horse riding training methods and systems of training are mechanical; techniques which the trainer will try to instill in a pupil. To ride well you need FEEL; not only difficult to teach but difficult to explain and difficult to grasp. The Crystal System Blog attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding the elusive ability to ride skilfully. How to develop sensitivity and tact; build your body so that it can work with the horses’ movement and understand the horse’s state of mind. The blog breaks down the jargon and the flowery speak, explains in plain English exactly what is required. The reader will, without doubt, have several 'Eureka' moments, as they realize that their heroic efforts have been hindering them and if only someone had broken it down, rider to rider, instead of fashioning some complicated ‘mumbo-jumbo’ it would have been much easier; giving grass-roots dressage riders the confidence to select the very best from their experiences and develop their understanding of how to train a horse for dressage. The Crystal System works towards one goal – helping the rider understand that they are an eternal student; they will be on this journey their whole riding life and each achievement, however large or small, will build towards the ultimate goal – being 'AS ONE' with the horse.

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In dressage, often the questions are complicated, get the the heart of the matter and the answers are simple. Here the question is simple ... why vote for me? The Dressage Tipster on Facebook was developed to help to the dressage community completely free of charge. A way to begin interacting with my fellow equestrians and getting feedback about training issues and difficulties faced. From there, it became clear that dressage is perceived as very elitist, complicated and difficult for the grassroots rider. This is a niche, home grown, hobby blog with every specialist target audience. The blog was a natural progression from the facebook page, as was subsequent The Crystal System Book. All give inspiration and heaps of goodies to help the dressage enthusiast on their journey of discovery with exercises to help improve their riding and achieve their dreams. There’s a lot in this blog for the Dressage enthusiast, all totally free of charge. I continually strive to grow and reach out within my limited funds and experience. Simplicity is the key to brilliance. This prestigious award would give me a leg up (excuse the pun) just like I give my readers the leg up they need to succeed. Why not vote for me? Can you think of a good reason not to?