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Diary of a Londoness is the personal and oftentimes quirky journal of a Franco-American who lives and breathes London. Walk with Londoness through the streets of the metropolis and beyond, and experience what it’s like to live in the world’s cultural capital. Her tales include outings to the theatre, film, opera, as well as where to eat, drink, shop, and what to do with the little darlings. Londoness travels extensively, so she also pens her adventures abroad. Drawing inspiration from her multi-national and multi-cultural background, Londoness’s adventures include: a wet and windy day at Ascot; an embarrassing moment when she gets a giggling fit during a death scene at the theatre; a date with Jamie Oliver in his cookery school; a walk through London with Jack the Ripper, an account of her life in movies in Paris and London; or one of her latest, where she spends the day with a modern-day Bertie Wooster.

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I am a London curator. I write stories, not articles. My diary is personal and honest, designed and written entirely by me. I am a multi-national who has lived in cities all over the world, but none as exciting as London. I have made this my home for many years now, and I wake up each and every day with wonder at what our marvelous capital has to offer. I would like to make this a full-time passion in the new year. Higher traffic could be a conduit to increased visibility with organisations around the capital; these could assist me in unlocking London’s cultural and lifestyle secrets so that I can take my readers on many unique journeys through the city and beyond.