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I'm a nurse at the bottom rung of the nursing ladder, yet with a PhD in physiology from Oxford. So I get to work on the frontline of healthcare with real people, yet have a lot of academic knowledge to rationalise and interpret what I have seen and act as advocate for the needy. My blog combines - Advocacy for the 'little people in the NHS' - see "One Body, Many Parts" or for the elderly of society - see "Till death, or the nursing home, do us part" or for the dying - see "Dying Well" - Revelations from behind the scenes of a short-staffed NHS - see "Where have all the nurses gone" and "Popping pills, doing drugs: the nurse's drug round" - Intensely personal stories, where I have felt betrayed or mismanaged by the health service - see "Stained by a snowflake" or "Misdiagnosis: a personal story"

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Your vote would allow me to gain credibility as a worthwhile speaker for the suffering, the neglected, the forgotten. I would also gain more confidence to continue speaking out against injustices and short staffing in health care. It's a hard battle and I need your support.