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Inkluded is a tattoo blog and community. We are passionate about tattoos and sharing this thriving culture with the rest of the world. I am Beccy Rimmer, a UK-based writer who just loves tattoos. Two years ago I set up Inkluded with the mission of creating regular interesting tattoo blogs and articles. Two years later, the Inkluded brand has grown to be a really special community of tattoo enthusiasts. NOW is a really interesting time for tattooing. Tattoos are becoming more popular and 'on trend' but also have deep roots in history, culture and art. There's so much to explore and communicate. What motivates us to get tattooed today? How experimental and diverse is the art being created not just in the world but especially in the UK? Who are the artists at the forefront of our growing tattoo scene? How are tattoos reflected on television and in the media? On my blog, I contemplate and explore subjects like these, also offering tips, advice and guides for tattoo virgins. Getting your first tattoo can be scary and intimidating... I wanted my readers to feel 'inkluded' in a community of like-minded people, and for my blog to be a place of tattoo exploration, sharing and admiration. Often tattoo blogs are lumped in 'fashion' or 'beauty' categories. As tattoos are aesthetic, they're often viewed and blogged about in relation to how good they can make us look, how they can match our outfit and make a statement. For me, they're so, so, much more. With a personal background working in the UK arts scene (I have worked for theatres and arts organisations for 8 years), I see tattoos as no different from any other art form. Tattooists are artists and we should make this creative industry accessible to young people wanting to explore their bodies' connection to something artistic. Contrary to modern belief, tattoos don't make us look cool in our Instagram pictures, they do something much deeper to those who choose to wear ink. There are endless stories, emotional connections, colourful personalities... these are the tales I intend to tell on the Inkluded blog. For me, tattoos are the fastest growing cultural movement in the world at the moment. With so much to say, my blog has been jam packed with debate and discussion and I have written hundreds of blogs since we launched (clearly, I just don't know how to shut up, do I?!). Inkluded has had over 700,000 visits since its launch in November 2014, and this is growing. New things I'm trying... I have recently begun vlogging! Also, the blog also sometimes sells tattoo zines and other products designed by tattooists. Inkluded does not make any profit - the (very little) money I take through these merchandise sales goes back to the artists or into advertising, promoting and sharing the work of the amazing tattooists working in the UK today. I always wanted the blog to have a strong opinion and a strong artistic purpose. Any tattoo enthusiasts reading this will know that most other current tattoo brands and websites exist to make money, and gain clicks through posting tattoo 'horror stories'. They rarely exist to offer support and necessary helpful information. I think there was a previous gap in the blog market before - I always thought there was no central place to go to for reliable tattoo information, news and inspiration, in the UK especially. I wanted Inkluded to fill this gap, and in the last couple of years we've gone on to be at the forefront of many groundbreaking tattoo news stories, issues and trends. Who knows, maybe in 5 years time, the UK Blog Awards will have a new category, for 'Tattoos'! Phew, I told you... I could go on forever! Thank you for reading about Inkluded and for your consideration for this prestigious blog award. Find out more about me in my first ever video blog: Beccy Rimmer Inkluded Founder and Director (I am the sole writer for the site - I have a few people who contribute articles every couple of months but most of it is me! Inkluded is also a Ltd. company.)

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Every blogger out there will understand what I mean when I say that... we live, eat, sleep and breathe our blogs! For most of us, this isn't a money-making venture... blogging is something we do in our spare time, because we couldn't live without it! After a hard day's work we love nothing more than grabbing our laptops, and telling the world what we think of a particular subject, because we care about it so much. Having recognition of our work, from our followers and from the UK Blog Awards, is what keeps us writing every day! Winning this award would be a huge step, for both the blogging, and tattoo industries. With deep-rooted traditions, the tattoo industry has been a hard one to break into for me. Young, female voices are few and far between. There are a lot of changes happening in tattooing at the moment - women with tattoos have certain associations and misconceptions in society... this is changing now and I think having more tattoo voices and bloggers, especially women, is something I would love to encourage. The general public are mis-educated about tattoos, what they are and why we wear them. More tattoo bloggers could campaign to change this! Winning an award would help spread the word about my unique blog, but also make a statement about the changing status of tattoos, as a serious artform. I'd also love the opportunity to be part of a larger blogging network community. As mentioned, we sit behind our computers at home, and having the chance to come out of my bubble would be completely invigorating!