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After being born with a facial deformity and suffering for many years with chronic pain, I decided to create a blog to help other people who may be going through similar experiences. My blog takes you through my journey and provides help and advice to anyone undergoing facial reconstructive or corrective surgery. Until 4 years ago I was so alone and there was nothing online to help me better understand the problems I was experiencing or even to give me a heads up about the type of surgery I was about to undergo and the possible complications and lasting side effects I may experience. These risks included: numbness, severe nerve pain, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue and psychological issues like; depression, body dysmorphia and agoraphobia. My blog was my way of coping with all of this and in the process I have made some great friends and have been able to help so many other people. It has not been an easy journey and I have encountered a lot of resistance from people who like to make fun of the way other people look, or belittle the struggles people face on a daily basis. I continue to blog and be active on social media because I never want anyone to feel the way i once felt. I genuinely care about the people who are alone and struggling. I want to show them that you should never be beaten or made feel like you have less of a voice because of the way you look or because of the way you feel.

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I was shortlisted for the health category in 2014 and really enjoyed the experience. I would love to take it one step future and show that niche blogs can win too. I feel that my blog appeals to a wider audience and has been able to help many people who are suffering from depression, identity issues and anxiety. By voting for me you are also voting for them. We are a community and I hope I can represent them well and do them proud. Facial disfigurement and chronic pain are not issues to be ashamed of or swept under the carpet. By voting for me you are proving that blogging about these issues can be a positive experience.