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My Music Industry blog focuses on providing unsigned artists worldwide with as much free, valuable information as I can, to help them become truly independent and further their music careers. Regular posts about the latest music news and what that means for the industry, as well as conversational pieces with tips on fan engagement and interaction has helped me grow a dedicated following and been recognised by International brands. My main aim for the blog is to help artists and those keen to work in the Music Industry in understanding the cause and effect of marketing campaigns, engagement and interaction with fans both on and offline, the importance of community and authenticity, as well as explaining real time changes to the Music Business, with the hope that it will develop the next wave of independent artists to improve the UK (and Worldwide) Music Industry. Due to my blog and social media content, I have been a live guest on BBC News discussing social media's role on celebrity identity, worked on campaigns with Google, JD Sports and Eastpak, and helped dozens of bands and artists with very personal, very detailed advice on their careers.

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I've dedicated the last 3 years to research and provide valuable information to unsigned musicians for the good of the Music Industry in the UK and Worldwide. Though I make no money from my blog, I pride myself in being exceptionally personal with each and every artist that gets in touch to further their knowledge and help them become truly independent artists. I'd be really proud to be recognised for the work I do for the good of the scene by winning this award.