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ThoughSheBeButLittle2016 is an open and honest exploration of parenting a limb-different child, through the few lows and the many highs, through pregnancy and beyond. At our 20-week anomaly scan we were blind-sided to discover that our first child would be born missing her right hand and that there could be something seriously wrong with our baby; that we may have to consider a termination. However, despite the overwhelming fear and uncertainty, four months later our beautifully healthy baby girl was born. At the time of that scan we trawled the web looking for validation that it was OK to be scared. It was OK to not know what to expect and to be nervous about our daughter’s future. Partly this blog was a means of understanding our own thoughts and feelings about a situation we had never experienced before and had certainly never seen coming. We hoped too that other new parents of limb different children might find a place to turn when they needed to hear that it's ok to be scared, but that things will get better. Things will be more than better, in fact. Their child will be amazing; bright and happy and uniquely perfect.

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Please vote for ThoughSheBeButLittle2016 for the UK Blog Awards 2017. We write from the heart, with honesty and emotion, to shine a light on a rare difference that might not affect many, but can affect deeply. Times are changing and disabilities are becoming accepted in ways they have perhaps never been before. We’re incredibly lucky to live in an age where we now see limb-different people competing, modeling, presenting and fighting. We hope that ThoughSheBeButLittle2016 might offer hope and support to other limb different parents who are working through the initial fear and uncertainty before they can get to the fantastic gift that is their unique and entirely perfect baby.