Wisdom and Defiance across the blogosphere


The events that have hit the UK in recent weeks will have impacted our community in different ways and for different reasons. 

Community is the one thing that not only pulls the British country together but also makes us stronger. The blogosphere is part of that community and upholds a powerful voice in tackling extreminism. This evening's #BlogHour will be about discussing wisdom and defiance in the best British way possible, over a cup of tea (it is only Tuesday afterall).

The blogging industry has always shown and illustrated strong and inspiring characteristics; innovation, determination and support to name a few. So, let's pull together online this evening and talk about what you love, what makes us British and stronger during #BlogHour tonight at 9pm. We hope you can join the conversation and dont forget to share:

Q1. Let's begin with some fun. How would you define #bloggerdefiance to face the challenges online in the best British way possible? #BlogHour
We loved recent post's from  relaying British humour to show that the London attack did not leave the UK 'reeling' and shared a Policeman dancing with attendees during the One Love Manchester concert.

Q2. As a blogger, you have the power to drive any campaign you wish. Which bloggers and influencers are making a difference with their work? #BlogHour

Q3. As an individual with a platform to provide a leading voice, do you feel that it is necessary to share your thoughts on major news or is this a cross over to jourmalism? #BlogHour

Q4. With the industry and content sharing growing each day, how do you plan to stand out from the crowd and what advice would you give to start up bloggers? #BlogHour

Q5. Summer is around the corner, what are your summer blog plans and how will you be sharing content differently from last year? #BlogHour

Q6. Let's finish with a sprinkle of wisdom! How do you keep your content spark flourishing and what topic would you like to discuss next week? #BlogHour