Your Blogger Business


Last week during #BlogHour we touched on the topic of becoming a full time blogger and the different blog labels. When does the label change and when are you defined from being a hobbyist to commercial blogger. More importantly, is a label needed at all?

We are all aware that blogging is a trusted news source and content channel because of the 'people's voice' being real and authentic but we want to question, as advertising guidelines develop further does the 'real' become more controlled? Your journey as a content creator is an important one and it is imperative that you sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster. Like any career, your content journey will have its own twists and turns and our advice would be to embrace the ride and do not worry too much if you steer off course or head in a different direction to what you had, had previously planned for your blog.

Whether you feel that you may one day be a full time paid blogger, social media influencer or YouTuber, one thing is for sure, that you shouldn't be afraid to explore this avenue as every blogger has a voice that should and can be heard far and wide across the digitalsphere. We hope you can join us tomorrow at 9pm via Twitter to discuss this weeks topic, Your Blogger Business. We cannot wait to hear your thoughts on this. In the meantime, you can check out the questions below: 

1) When you started your blog, did you do so with the end goal being to become a full time blogger who was paid for your content? #Bloghour

2) Are you a hobbyist blogger looking to make it full time or already a full time blogger? #Bloghour

3) If you have 'commercialised' your content, has your journey affected what you write and your opinions on topics? #Bloghour

4) Which platform have you found the 'easiest' to monetise in terms of your brand and your content? #Bloghour

5) If you haven't started monetising your blog, do you have a plan to do this? Do you know how to do this? #Bloghour

6) What would it mean to you to #blog full time? How has your life changed if you're already #blogging full time? #Bloghour