Your Organic Reach | #BlogHour


Five years ago paid advertising was the way forward in the online world for social engagement and arguably, still is an important marketing tool. In 2011, content blogs and youtubers existed but influencer endorsement (of the non celebrity type) was only beginning with the likes of Zoella hitting our digital screens.

For four years now, we have been shouting from our virtual rooftops about the importance of building relationships between infliuencers and brands, not only digitally but face to face and more importantly, to build a community that lasts. Do you know what 'organic reach' is? Well if you're a blogger, vlogger, instagrammer, pinn'er or snapfluencer. You. Are. It.

Fast forward to the present day in 2016, with 2017 quickly approaching and you, as an online infleuncer are your own organic reach. You have a community of readers, followers and real people that interact with your social channels. You take time out of your busy working schedule to develop unique content off your own back. Why, many may ask. There are many reason's but there is one important point that the world wide web has allowed and that is self expression and it's reaching new heights everyday.

This week's #BlogHour topic is about Organic Reach and we wanted to draw this buzz terms to people's attention, as we believe this (and micro community) will be an important focus of 2017. Yep, thats a prediction from us right there, or two.

Hashtags are a great example of a type of organic reach. Who would have knew 10 years ago that a little '#' could have become so powerful? These little beauties build interaction, conversation, awareness and a community. Afterall, we love our own #BlogHour community and there are other great communities too across the blogosphere such as (created by ) and #UKBloggers (created by ), we could make a HUGE list but we may run out of digital paper!

But we wanted to draw your attention to the term 'organic reach' further and debate during tonight's #BlogHour. But before we go into tonight's questions, we would like to focus on an important point; is 'reach' becoming non organic and are influencers becoming pressured into buying followers to become further valued? The whole point of organic reach is that you have your community of 'real' following that engage uniquely with you. When you buy your following your community becomes non-organic, you become less influential and therefore, invaluable. Or does it? Do we live in a digital world where popularity is valued over a strong micro community, or do we need reducating that unique following is more powerfule than 100k bought followers? Let's discuss at 9pm via Twitter account:

Q1. What does organic reach mean to you and how would you define this? #BlogHour

Q2. Which social media channel do you receive the most engagement from and why? #BlogHour

Q3. Have you ever felt pressured into buying more followers? What are the pros and cons? #BlogHour

Q4. Do we live in a digital world where popularity is valued over a strong micro community? #BlogHour

Q5. How do you plan to grow your channels and what will your focus be for 2017? #BlogHour

Q6. Which social community do you love and why? Show them some love! #BlogHour

We hope you enjoy tonight's #BlogHour tonight, see you at 9pm!