The Rise of the Social Influencer

It's a pretty controversial #Bloghour tonight....but we know you don't mind a good old fashioned debate right? Mainly we want to discuss this pretty hot topic in light of the fact that we've introduced a new category to the #UKBA18 Blog Awards....a Social Influencer Category.

Why? Well we recognise that in the world today there are literally HUNDREDS of ways to create content...depending on your own personal preference you can write, speak with images and even on film- and there are a tonne of platforms that you can utilise to share your words. For some Influencers out there- they choose to EXCLUSIVELY be present on one specific Social Media platform, to utilise the tools and functions of said platform to deliver their content in the most enigmatic and engaging manner. And we love them for that, but it did mean that their content didn't fit with the UK Blog Awards process....

We believe that ALL forms of content should be recognised in their own way but that a BLOG and a Social Blog are very different (hence the totally separate category!)

So this #Bloghour is ALL about your opinions, how do you feel? What do you think? Obviously we hope everyone can be polite and respectful of the choice we've made AND that you can see the good in our intentions (after all- we simply want to recognise the passion and dedication of EVERY content creator!)...So let's get to it shall we?

1) What do you think about individuals using a Social Platform as their chosen method of content creation and delivery? #Bloghour
2) Why did you choose to create a BLOG (in the traditional sense) instead of using a Social Platform? #Bloghour
3) What benefits do you think a traditional BLOGGER has over a Social Blogger? #Bloghour
4) Why do you think individuals choose to create a Social Blog as opposed to a traditional #Blog? #Bloghour
5) What do you think the drawbacks are for using a Social Blog instead of a traditional #Blog? #Bloghour
6) Please let us know a Social Blogger that you particularly love and want to give a shout out to! #Bloghour