Your Content Creation- What's Your Secret?

#Bloghour Content Creation

The age old saying is still so true - 'Content is King' - it's the life blood of any great blog. It feeds your following, nourishes your soul and just generally builds your own following and reputation. However- content is also a never ending beast that must be fed right? Having to create engaging, well written, authoritative, informative content weekly if not daily is...well, a full time job!

Whether you're a hobbyist blogger, micro blogger or full time career blogger - your content IS your potential or very real pay check. Creating content is the only skill you need to succeed...but how do you do it? With Google and other social platforms changing and updating their algorithms making it much harder for you to reach your target audience, you need to be an online expert and SEO geek to really maximise your content (without compromising the quality!) Sometimes this aspect of 'managing' your blogger business can make it even harder to tap into those creative juices and just focus on your words...but with the blogging and Influencer landscape changing constantly- you HAVE to be all things to everyone in order to cover your bases and continue to grow.

So with the topic of 'Content Creation' in mind- we would love to know your answers to the following questions:

1) What is your main focus when it comes to the content on your blog (is it text/images/video etc?)

2) How easy do you find it to create unique, regular content for your blog?

3) Where does your creative inspiration come from when you're creating content?

4) How do you go about planning and structuring your content strategy for your blog?

5) Do you have any favourite blogs or blogs out there that you love to read? Tag them!

6) Share a blog article you've written that you LOVE with us...go on, do it!

Thanks for reading and don't forget- our #Bloghour is the 8th August 2017 at 9:00pm over on our